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Monday, November 7, 2011

Bringing in the Books

Andrew and I were able to head out to a local booksale this past weekend.   We spent three hours together sorting through books of all kinds to find treasures that we brought home with us.  

I am so thankful that Andrew and I both share a love for books and learning.   Our home library has grown so much that we have to be choosy in which books we bring home with us, but we always find those books we just have to have.

This was the first booksale that we were able attend with each other since before we were married.   There is nothing better than purusing row after row of books while holding your hubby's hand.  ;)

Counting My Blessings...
50. afternoon chats with my sister-in-law
51. bike rides after a long day at work
52. organizing our home
53. laughing at humorous signs on Pinterest with my Mr. until we both had tears rolling down our faces
54. quiet time in the morning with my Savior
55. Friday night games with Gran
56. trying to figure out Holiday plans - it's difficult, but I am so thankful to have a family to share them with
57. ordering Andrew's birthday & Christmas gifts. so excited!
58. strawberry smoothies
59. the smell of fresh cut grass


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